Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hard Reset your Eurostar ePad ET7142G-B13

Hi there,

I will help you to hard reset your tablet, just follow the instructions carefully. This procedure will wipe all your data. If you have precious data in your tablet, sorry but I cannot help you how to retrieve it. Unless you know your gmail account and you can still connect in your wifi connection.

If your first time reset your tablet, I'm sure that I can help you with this tutorial.

In this tutorial I will gonna teach you how to hard reset your Eurostar ePad ET7142G-B13 Tablet . This can fix the following issues that you are experiencing in your phone:

1. Force Close Apps
2. If you forgot your Google Account
3. Hang in Logo issue sometimes
4. If you forgot your pattern lock

Ok lets do it. Just follow the procedure

1. Press Volume Up and Power Button Simultaneosly. A selection will pop up. (See picture below)

2. Select Recovery mode, (we can also use fastboot method but today we will just use the android recovery tool which is built to this tablet)
3. Upon pressing Recovery, you will see an android robot with exclamation mark, press power button and a selection will pop up.
4. Press wipe/factory data (something like that i forgot the exact words. :D) This would take about 2 minutes to wipe data just be patient.
5. Reboot the tablet and your phone is back in its original state. SMILE :)

Some pictures of the tablet

I hope this tutorial help you with your problem. 

If you have any tutorial or problems in your mobile phone I will be glad to help.



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