Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rooting your Cherry Mobile GEM

If you are new in rooting, you might ask yourself if what is rooting.... Hmmmm....Well for me rooting is a process where can you modify the system files in your phone or tablet or simply hacking your phone. In iOS this is jailbreaking your phone. Some application needs root access. Like installing custom recovery mode, backing up your phone, seeder, root explorer etc...

In this tutorial I will gonna teach how to root your phone. This is an easy step. You just need the following:

1. Laptop / Desktop
2. Cherry Mobile GEM
3. USB Cable
4. A working internet connection.
5. vRoot

By the way vRoot can root many phones, I have tried several like Torque Droidz Force, MyPhone A818, MyPhone A818i, MyPhone Ocean Mini....

First you need to download vRoot
Download here –-->>>> vRoot

After downloading Install it. And open vRoot....

You need to activate developer mode in your phone. If developer mode doesn't appear. Go to Settings > About > tap “build number” about 8 times. Keep tapping until developer mode is activated.

In developer mode activate USB debug. Then connect your phone via USB cable. Wait for your phone to install the necessary driver. If it doesn't automatically install the driver, download the driver in my blog, in “Tools” find MTK SPD Driver. And install the necessary driver.

In vRoot press the green button and wait for it to load. Your phone will reboot after it install the vRoot application.

After rebooting your phone you can see the icon of rootmaster (if you have an updated vRoot, sometimes Kingroot will appear in your app grid)in your app grid. To verify that you have a root access, you can download supersu checker in Playstore.

Hope this tutorial helps.


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