Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hard Reset your Kata T2 and remove password, pattern lock, gmail acount

This is my first time to post a Kata brand. And this is the Kata T2. This procedure will erase all the data in your tablet. Just follow the procedure. It's an easy one ;)

Hard resetting / factory resetting your tablet will solve the following issues:
1. If you forgot your pattern lock
2. If you forgot your gmail account
3. If you forgot your password
4. Apps that automatically force closing
5. Stuck in Kata Logo (sometimes does not work if the firmware is totally damage)

NOTE: Performing hard reset will erase your data.

To hard reset:

1. Turn off your tablet
2. Press and Hold Volume Down +Power Button simultaneously
3. An Android with exclamation mark will appear, Press Power Button to activate recovery mode
4. Select wipe / factory reset, to navigate press the Volume DOWN, to select press Power Button
5. Reboot your phone.

Note: If performing hard reset did not succeed, you need to wipe the cache first in the android system recovery before performing wipe / factory reset.

Alternative Way

You need PC to  hard reset or factory reset your device. I already tried this procedure. Just follow carefully the procedure so you will not brick your device

Download this file
RockChip Android Tool --> Download Here
"Extract to your desired folder"

Install the driver
  1. Turn off your device
  2. Press VOLUME DOWN and insert USB cable
  3. It should detect your tablet. If this is your first time, it will detect as unknown device.
  4. Locate the driver in the drivers folder that you had downloaded. Select proper driver there is a driver for 64bit(x64) and 32bit(x86) computer.
 Flashing your device
  1. First turn off your device.
  2. Open RKAndroidTool.exe
  3. Remove check in number 1,
  4. Click the checkbox in number 3
  5. Click the blank space in column ... it will open the file manager. Then look for misc.img. It is located in image folder
  6. Press and hold VOLUME DOWN in your device and insert usb cable. RKAndroidtool should detect your device.
  7. Press RUN button when you are ready to flash your device
Reference Video in Loading the file: (watch in HD)

I hope this tutorial helps you.. If you have any question just drop a comment.


  1. Wala po siguro android recovery yang tablet niyo. pero itry niyo parin...

  2. Emer Cruz SarmientoOctober 28, 2014 at 8:24 PM

    hello. stuck yung sakin sa android logo na may exclamation point. :(

  3. hi po, natry niyo po ba pindotin yong power button para lumabas yong android system recovery?

    try niyo rin po yong POWer button + volume up or volume down para mapalabas ang android system recovery...

    kung nakailangang try na kayo na hindi talaga lumalabas baka po hindi talaga naka install ang default android system recovery...

  4. Emer Cruz SarmientoOctober 31, 2014 at 8:37 AM

    pano install yun? di ko rin kasi magamit yung tab kasi pattern locked na sya. salamat :)

  5. sa flashing lang yon maiinstall, pero parang irerestore mo narin buong firmware non. Pero wala pa po akong firmware ng kata t2.

  6. Brenth Xiander Abello CrausNovember 29, 2014 at 9:05 PM

    pano po ung pagflash using rk tools?

  7. hi Sir brenth, sensya na kaka online ko lang...

    Ia-update ko pa itong post ko para sa Kata T2, kaya lang wala ako unit nyan ngayon, Pero tested ko naman ang procedure.

  8. mam i need it po willing po akong sundin ung procedure po basta mkabalik po sa normal tab ko..please help me maam...?

  9. OK sige sige,

    ia-update ko pa blog post ha. Medyo busy pa sa work kasi kaya di ko pa magawang iupdate.

  10. sir Brenth OK na po, na update ko na yong blogpost ko para mareset ang tablet mo.

  11. sir emer, na update na yong blog post, baka di mo pa naayos ang tab mo

  12. Brenth Xiander Abello CrausDecember 1, 2014 at 2:47 PM

    mam failed po eh

  13. Brenth Xiander Abello CrausDecember 1, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    download file failed po sya maam..
    ayaw tumuloy...bale ung prob po tlga ng tab ko eh ayaw mag on po tas pag chinarge po eh red light lang sya sa power button pero detected po sa pc mam..pano po to?

  14. Brenth Xiander Abello CrausDecember 1, 2014 at 3:34 PM

    mam nagboot na po sa logo nga lang..prob ko nman ngaun pano mkapasok na sa os or ung mkikita na po ung mga icons as in ma ok na po sya.....ala firmware kc..

  15. ahh ok... may nakuha ako nitong file kung pwede ka makapasok sa recovery mode pwede mo maflash yong file. itry mo po kung nakakapasok ka sa recovery mode po... iaupload ko yong file muna...

    Pano mo pala napa boot yong tablet mo? napakonek or naflash mo sa RKBatch Tool?

    1. Mam looking firmware para sa kata t-mini ko

    2. Mam looking firmware para sa kata t-mini ko

  16. Brenth Xiander Abello CrausDecember 6, 2014 at 12:40 PM

    nflash ko po sa rk batch tool.

  17. tested this button first volume up and volume down..and press power on untill logo on screen.unpress power on but continue press the volume up and down keys untill android logo with exclamation point apper..and press power on once to go recovery mode..and do the wipe factory reset. and rebooth.just using volume keys to select and power key to OK..tested by me :D

    1. Its not working with my kata m2 phone huhu

  18. thank you sir for that info this will help other people.

  19. Hi,
    This is nice post about Kata T2 Hard reset. But I have also same like a site Device hard reset if you want to know bit more about hard reset please try it. Thanks

  20. Does anyone here know how to fix a Kata T2 not powering on at all? TIA

  21. pano po pag bootloop?
    ung t2

  22. guys anyone here to know how to fix kata t2 mini boot loop?

  23. bat ndi gumagana sa t2 mini

  24. Mam meron po ba kayong firmware para sa kata t-mini?.



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