Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hard Reset your Torque Droidz Easy and remove Password, Pattern Lock and Gmail Account

A cute little phone came to my workstation and this is the Torque Droidz Easy. I already back up the ROM for this one, I will upload it later or maybe tomorrow, I am almost going home when I am writing this blog post. For the meantime check out the tutorial to Hard Reset your Torque Droidz Easy.

Hard resetting / factory resetting your phone will solve the following issues:
1. If you forgot your pattern lock
2. If you forgot your gmail account
3. If you forgot your password
4. Apps that automatically force closing
5. Stuck in Torque Logo (sometimes does not work if the firmware is totally damage)

NOTE: Performing hard reset will erase your data.

To hard reset:
For Jellybean version 
1. Turn off your phone
2. Press and Hold VOLUME UP + Power button simultaneously. Do not release until you see an Android with exclamation mark.
3. Press Power Button to activate Android System Recovery
4. Select wipe / factory reset, press Volume rocker to navigate and press the Volume UP Button to confirm your selection.
5. Reboot your phone.

For KitKat version
1. Turn off your phone
2. Press and Hold VOLUME Down + Power button simultaneously. Do not release until you see a chinese character in your screen.
3. Select the the word with MMC in it. It will clear all data and it will automatically reboot your phone.

Note: If performing hard reset did not succeed, you need to wipe the cache first in the android system recovery before performing wipe / factory reset.

I hope this tutorial helps you.. If you have any question just drop a comment.


  1. Ma. Althea BunalesOctober 18, 2014 at 6:02 PM

    why did nothing happens when i try all the 2ns step?!

  2. Hi mam Althea, how many times did you try to do the combination button to factory reset your phone? try atleast 5 times. If nothing is happening, maybe the Android System Recovery is not installed in your phone.

    You can try other method such as pressing VOLUME DOWN + POWER Button simultaneously.

  3. please help ..............

  4. Bakit nung nag Volume Up + Power ako no command ung lumabas? Tapos nag try ako pindutin ung mga buttons. Power, Volume up and down tapos walang nangyare. Please help

  5. Try mo po volume down + power button.

  6. Jennica De Manuel RiveraMay 31, 2015 at 5:12 PM

    bakit po No command ung lumalabas sken ?

  7. Pano kung walang volume button?

  8. kung wala pong volume button ang phone niyo, last resort niyo po ang ireflash ang phone niyo..

  9. ginawa ko na po pero no cammand parin lumalabas...anong gagawin ko?

  10. Try mo po pindutin yong power button pag nakita niyo yong "NO COMMAND"

  11. Averick Gabriel AlejoJuly 17, 2015 at 8:36 AM

    please help me........i press the volume down+power button a chinese words came out i dont know what to do

  12. I select mo lang po yung may MMC.. Mareresetvna yan.

  13. Averick Gabriel AlejoJuly 17, 2015 at 11:12 AM

    hindi ko po mahanap yung MMC.......hindi ko po maintindihan yung nakasuat

  14. Ahh ganun ba. Try mo yung pang jellybean na tutorial.

  15. what if wala syang MMC na word . puro chinese lang sya .
    kailangan ko po ng sagot nyo ngayun pls.

  16. paano po mag hard reset ng torque droidz sky 3g? thanks.

  17. i accidentally switched on the secondary display on my tab and all i see is a black screen how to undo it?

  18. gnagawa ku nman yung instruction peru bat ayaw .. nag siswitch on prin??

  19. Help po panu e reset torque ko wlang volume key?



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