Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cherry Mobile Sapphire 2.0 Stock ROM/firmware to unbrick your phone

The much awaited firmware for Cherry Mobile Sapphire 2.0 is here. You can now fix your bootlooped or softbricked phones. Thank you for those who shared this firmware. To check if your sapphire is version 2, check it at the back of your phone, near IMEI section.

If you do not have the driver. I also provide the driver. Or you can go to my Tools section and find MTK SPD Driver.

For 32bit WINDOWS OS only.
ResearchDownload --> DOWNLOAD HERE
Firmware --> Download HERE


To install the driver
  1. Extract SPD anywhere you want
  2. Open SPD SCI-android-usb-driver
  3. Open x86 folder
  4. Open DPInst.exe this will install the driver.
There are two ways you can use this firmware.
1. To fully flash your phone
2. To remove password, pattern lock, and gmail account.

TO remove password, pattern lock and gmail account.
1. Open Researchdownload
2. Load packet and look for file(first button)
3.  Check only the following
4. Click in calibration/backup page, and UNCHECK ALL and press OK
5. And lastly press the Play button to continue flashing.

TO fully flash your phone.
1. Open Researchdownload
2. Load packet and look for file(first button)
3. Remove check in the following selection
4. Click in Calibration/BACK UP page, and UNCHECK ALL and press OK
5. Press Play button
6. Press and Hold VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN and insert USB cable. (your phone must be turned off)
7. Repeat number 6 if your phone is not detected by researchdownload.
8. If detected by research download just wait until the flashing is done and it should reboot your phone automatically.

I hope this tutorial help you recover your phone :)


  1. hindi na po ba need ihard reset? basta tuloy agad
    dyan sa procedure above?

  2. wala po ba kayo yung step by step? gaya nung sa iba, medyo pang expert na po yan eh, now pa lang po ako magrerecover ng phone e

  3. oo hindi na kailangan i hard reset...

  4. wala eh, tanong ka nalang kung saan ka nalilito..

  5. yehey! okay na ulit si sapphire, super thanks sa blog na to at sa blogger na mabait, na sya pang umayos ng phone ko, super thumbs up!

  6. You are welcome.

  7. ung firmware po ba zipi file tlga? bkit nung dinownload ko .exe ung extension nya tpos downloading pa?

  8. sira yung WLAN at Bluetooth :(



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