Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Board ID ET-86V2G-V1.1 stock rom/firmware to unbrick your tablet

This post is a copy paste from my BS Mobile Neptuney post. 

I haven't posted a firmware in a week already, so today I'm going to post a ROM. The firmware is compatible with BS MOBILE Neptuney. The board version is ET-86V2G-V1.1 but the firmware is for board version ET-86V2G-V1.2. Using the firmware did not cause any unwanted issue.

"Download these files"
Phoenixsuit -->Download Phoenixsuit Here
Firmware --> BS MOBILE Neptuney Part 1
Firmware --> BS MOBILE Neptuney Part 2
Firmware --> BS MOBILE Neptuney Part 3

"You can use your favorite archive manager for RAR format
You can use 7zip or File Joiner for .001 file format"

For tutorial on how to flash your tablet, when you download phoenixsuit. The tutorial is in there. Credits to AndroidXDA for the tutorial. I can't write a tutorial as of the moment because I do not have a tablet to flash.



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