Tuesday, August 12, 2014

T733 Mainboard v2.1 Firmware

This is the firmware for china tablet that has the same board ID. You can also use this firmware in t733 mainboard version 2.0. There is an instance that the front facing camera might not work for this kind of tablet. Because of different camera drivers.

This firmware is flashable via Livesuite or PhoenixSuite. 

Download the firmware here --- > t733 mainboard 2.1


  1. what the format file?? no img.. how to use this file? please give me idea..

  2. i was sucssesfull flash with this ROM..(MYTAB TM733 made taiwan).
    But i have still problem , at camera , it cant open camera default aplication.
    Thanks and i hope you can help my problem.

  3. sir that is because of camera driver is not supported in your device. You can try other flash file to solve your problem.

  4. sir just rename the file and put .img in it.

  5. ooowh ... that was the problem. all devices running normally. except the camera. 5 firmware already tried, but still failed in the camera or even touch can not work.
    Can I request to you that can be matched to back repack my tablet camera driver.
    if there is a collection of firmware t733 v2.1, please tell me...

  6. that is my problem also with this board ID. i cant find the correct driver for the camera.

    but for some tablet it works.

  7. owh no.........
    okay,,, its no solution...
    can you tell me...
    what software can be used to change, ekstrack firmware it ...? view the contents of the file .img.

  8. you can use adb commands if you are familiar with it.

    Or use root explorer to view the system files.

  9. Yes... just rename , example ; fwjellybean
    You can rename like fwjellybean.img
    Its work....

  10. I have T733-mainboard-v2.0 .the problem is pattern .Hard Reset No Luck, I tried to flash T733-mainboard-2.0 and v2.1 still the pattern is there....
    I tried Diff. comp. Diff. Flash File but still no Luck
    What would be the problem?

    1. Try Uberizer option k - 21

    2. bro edward can i have the links for



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