Monday, August 18, 2014

How to remove pattern lock and hard reset your LG P700 / P705 (L7)

Hi there,

If you forgot your password and you are unable to unlock your phone, well you came to the right place. If you already followed all tutorial in the internet then maybe this is your last resort. I will show you how to remove password, pattern lock and this can even fix Hang in logo issue on your LG P700 / P705 or also known L7.

This procedure will work in Linux / Windows, sorry Mac user's I don't know the command in OSX. Anyways I will explain first the Linux ways.

You can use this in any Debian distro such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Crunchbang etc etc.. Okay here it is.

In your Linux system, install first the android-tools-adb

To install it go to your Terminal and then just type in;

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Okay next we are going to wipe your phone now. Just follow the instruction's I will just keep it simple :)

1. Press and Hold Volume UP and Volume DOWN, then insert USB Cable without releasing the buttons. And then Also press the Home Button. Just hold the three buttons until you see the recovery mode in your LG L7. Something like in the picture. Im sorry for the picture because I dont have the phone in my hand when I am writing this article. But for your reference something like that.

 2. Launch Terminal and execute this command
sudo adb reboot recovery

press enter and then enter your password

3. Your device will reboot and then it will wipe the whole device.

Windows Way

First you need to have the following files:
1. Driver –----- >> L7 Driver
2. Adb tools –-->> adb tools

After downloading the files extract and install the l7 driver, after installing the driver go to adb-fastboot-win folder

And look for adb recovery.bat and run it.

And it will look something like this

That's it you have successfully wipe your phone. And ready to setup and use it again.

I hope this tutorial help you. If you find any wrong procedure please drop us a comment.


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