Monday, August 18, 2014

How to remove pattern lock and password in Telego G403

Hi there,

If you are looking in how to remove pattern lock / password and PIN in your Telego G403 you came into the right place. This short tutorial will wipe your Telego G403 and restore into its normal state.

But before that, you must need to know that doing a hard reset will delete all your data, I MEAN ALLLLLLLLL your data. So do not blame me for that. If your data is precious to you. The only way to retrieve your data if you know your gmail account and also you must connect to your data connection or wifi connection.

So here is the procedure:

1. Press VOLUME DOWN and POWER BUTTON simultaneously
2. A phone with exclamation mark will appear
3. Press VOLUME UP to activate Android System Recovery
4. To select press POWER BUTTON, to navigate Press VOLUME DOWN
5. Select wipe / factory reset – after that reboot your phone.

NOTE: If factory resetting did not succeed try wiping the cache first and then wipe and factory reset afterwards. This will also fix bootloop problem sometimes and hang in logo only.



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