Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hard Reset your Cherry Mobile Onyx and remove pattern lock, password and even gmail account

Hi there,

I have another tutorial that will fix your Cherry Mobile Onyx to remove pattern lock, password and gmail account. Sometimes this can also hang in logo issue, but that is very rare to happen. And also I forgot to add  when an app is automatically force closing because maybe it is corrupted.

This will not fix the following problem. Because you have to reflash your phone with its stock rom or firmware.
1. deleted SYSTEM UI
2. Stock in Boot Logo because of number 1

OK here is the procedure. Just follow it, it is very simple to follow

1. Press and hold VOLUME DOWN and POWER Button for about 20 - 30 seconds.
2. A phone with exclamation mark will appear
3. To activate Android System Recovery press VOLUME UP
4. Select WIPE/Factory Reset (To navigate press volume keys to select press the POWER Button)
5. Reboot your phone. 

NOTE: If ever happen that the pattern lock or password is still in there you need to wipe cache first and then Factory Reset again your phone.

I have also included a video so that you can easily follow how to hard reset your Cherry Mobile Onyx.

Check it out below

A simple Thank you in the comment box will suffice ^_^


  1. pa hinge po ng backup ng cherry mobile onyx ........ na bootloop kasi matapos ko ni reset factory .... mag open siya pero hanggan sa android nalang

  2. wala pa ako back up nito eh, spreadtrum kasi cpu nito eh. hirap iback up....

  3. may pag asa paba ito ma ayus ..... ..

  4. meron naman... kaya ipapagawwa mo sa technician. kelangan kasi niyan ng volcanobox.

  5. Kaya Ba Ng Technician Ipa Reprogram

  6. paano po ba mag unbrick ng cherry mobile onyx?

  7. version 1 o version 2?

    wala pang files para sa version 2.

  8. hahaha hindi ko po alam kung anong version , basta cherry mobile onyx

  9. pahingi ng files sa version 1



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