Monday, October 13, 2014

Hard Reset your Star Mobile Icon and remove password, pattern lock and gmail account

I dont have much Star Mobile tutorials, today I have one. This is for Star Mobile Icon. The tutorial is to Hard Reset your Star Mobile Icon

  Hard resetting / factory resetting your phone will solve the following issues:

1. If you forgot your pattern lock
2. If you forgot your gmail account
3. If you forgot your password
4. Apps that automatically force closing
5. Stuck in Star Mobile Logo (sometimes does not work if the firmware is totally damage)

NOTE: Performing hard reset will erase your data.

To hard reset:

1. Turn off your phone.
2. Press and Hold VOLUME DOWN + Option Key (Left Capacitive Key) and Power Button. 
3. Android System Recovery will appear.
4. Select wipe / factory reset, press Volume rocker to navigate and press the MENU Key (left capacitive key) to confirm your selection
5. Reboot your phone.

If  performing hard reset did not succeed, you need to wipe the cache first in the android system recovery before performing wipe / factory reset.

I hope this tutorial helps you.. If you have any question just drop a comment.


  1. Carlo Nuñez PayadJuly 20, 2015 at 9:58 PM

    NO COMMAND.. when doing that..

  2. try mo po pindutin ang lahat na button para mapalabas ang android system recovery.

  3. option key, home and back button doesn't worked anymore, how can i hard reset my phone?

  4. does hard reset deletes all data including malware like engriks?

  5. Where is option key ( left capacitive key ) located?



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