Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lenovo A706 Stock ROM / Firmware to unbrick your phone with tutorial

This is stock rom / firmware is for Lenovo A706. You need to put the file in the SDCARD.

The firmware is not flashable via flashtool. So you cannot use SP Flash Tool. The firmware is in two part. You need to use HJSplit to join the file and to make it usable. If you did not join the file you cannot use the file.

Download the Firmware
Part 1 -- > Part1
Part 2 -- > Part2

Before Flashing
You need to create a sdfuse folder in your memory card. It must be in the root example f:\sdfuse or e:\sdfuse like that when you are extracting the file.

Open the firmware file that you have downloaded and put it in the sdfuse folder that you created in your sdcard.

Flashing the firmware (Official guide from Lenovo)
1. Insert the SD card to your phone, insert the battery, then press and hold vol up key and power key till you see the engineering mode on the screen.
2. Press vol down key till cursor on ‘4. SD update’, then press power key to confirm.
3. Check if the version displayed on screen is correct, if yes, then press power key to START. Now the SD update is going.
4. When SD update completes, press power key to REBOOT device.
5. If your device powers up normally and goes to Android setup screen, it is ready to go.
6. If your device can not power up and screen keeps black for a long time(more than 3 minutes), then pull out and re-insert the battery, press and hold vol up&down key and power key till you see the ‘Android system recovery’ displayed on screen with following options: reboot system now; apply update from external storage, apply update from internal storage; etc.
7. Press vol down key till cursor on ‘wipe data/factory reset’, press power key to select.
8. Press vol down key till cursor on ‘Yes –- delete all user data’, press power key to select
9. Wait a while, and device will reboot automatically.

I hope this firmware solve your problem.


  1. Hi Maribel, I need your help. My A706_ROW is gone. I installed CM11 KitKat 4.4.4 and had the famous errors like no wifi, no sim, etc. My SD doesn't work. I can't turn on the device and I don't know if has battery because can't see anything on screen. My mistake was I've deleted my recovery with all their files,
    even /boot and system.. is a case of bricking or hard bricking.
    Somebody can help me? I tried everything, I'm confused right now. What
    can i do?...

  2. 1. you can download this file. This is the stock rom for A706 version 4.1.2

    2. Follow this procedure.

    Its for Huawei but the procedure is still the same. Just download the driver and SPflashtool. Because you dont need the firmwre for huawei :)

    let me know if you get lost :)

    1. stock rom not found on google drive
      plz upload a fresh 1 on any other website

  3. Nothing John, my device doesn't turn on when I connect via USB cable...

  4. It should not power on when you are connecting it via USB cable. It should be in blank screen state/bootmode..

  5. My screen is black with everything xD. I cannot enter in recovery, don't recognize the SD... etc..

  6. sir ung nsa link na stock rom walang scatter file baka meron ka jan pa share nmn

  7. hindi po yan pang flash tool, via sdcard update lang yan.

  8. ah. meron kaba ng pang flash tool sir?

  9. ah. bka meron ka nung pang flash tool sir pang mediatek

  10. thanka alot i i lost my rom data becuase i deleted root filed by mistake and my phone wasnt open and this steps success with me thanks alot

  11. hi sir richman thanks for the feedback :;)

    you are welcome :-)

  12. its not working. i volup + power keeps getting into lenovo logo. no droidboot or anything engineer



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