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MyPhone Storm TV stock rom to unbrick your phone

Hi all,

I now have the firmware or stock rom for your MyPhone Storm TV. If this is your first time to flash, unbrick, or reprogram ( or whatever you call it) I also have a tutorial below. Which I think you can follow. Just read and follow carefully.

"Download these files"
Firmware Here -->MyPhone Storm TV
Password --> myphoneasp2013
VCOM Driver -->VCOM Manual
Alternative Driver --> AutoInstaller
SPFlashTool --> LatestVersion 

"Use WinRar or 7zip to extract the firmware"
"Extract the files to your desired folder"
"If you encounter error in flashtool, use different version of it."

"I suggest to use 32bit Windows OS for compatibility of the driver"

Installing Driver with AutoInstaller

First try the Alternative Driver, which is the AutoInstaller. Just open the install.exe then it will automatically install the driver. To fully check if the driver is correctly installed in your computer. 

Follow these steps:
  1. Turn off your phone (always powered off is a must)
  2. Press and hold volume up or down, or you can simple press the two button
  3. Insert your USB cable without releasing the VOLUME button(s).
  4. In your computer, it must detect your phone and it will install the MTK Preloader or Mediatek USB VCOM driver.
  5. Repeat 1 to 4 if it does not detect your phone.
  6. If MTK Preloader/Mediatek USB VCOM Driver is installed you are good to go in flashing your phone ^_^

Reference Video using Driver Auto Installer (watch in HD)

Installing Manually using VCOM Driver

When installing it manually your phone must be turned off, then connect it to your computer/laptop while pressing VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN. This will detect and look for the driver.

 1. This is the first time that you will connect your phone and it will search for the correct driver.

2. Check include this location ... ... and click on browse. Look for USB VCOM Driver and Click on 2K_XP_COM folder if you are using Windows XP or Win7 for Windows 7 and then press OK when you are done picking the right folder for the driver.

3. If the driver is successfully installed MediaTek DA USB VCOM will appear in the New Hardware Wizard.

Video Installing VCOM Driver (please watch in HD)

"Your Phone must be turned off when you are ready to connect and flash your phone"

1. Launch FlashTool (flash_tool.exe)
2. In Flashtool, Click on Scatter-Loading, and load your scatter file. (see example below)

Reference Video Using FlashTool version (watch in HD)

 3. After you load the file, press Press Download to Flash your Phone.

4. After you press Download Follow these steps
  • Turn off your phone (always powered off is a must)
  • Press and HOLD volume UP or Down or you can simply press it simultaneously
  • Insert your USB cable without releasing the VOLUME button(s).
  • Keep on repeating until Flashtool detected your phone.
5. If successfully detected just wait until the progress bar reaches 100%. If your phone did not automatically turn on after flashing, remove battery and USB cable. And put back your battery then turn on your device.

"Hard reset your phone after flashing"

Some workarounds:
If you encounter PMT_Changed error here is what you do:
In Latest version of Flashtool
  1. Load the scatter file
  2. Choose Format all + Download (Underneath Scatter-loading file)
  3. Then Click Download and wait until it is done flashing
For Invalid IMEI:Your Phone/Tablet must be rooted first
Restore yong IMEI in MTKDroidTools version 2.5.3. You will have this error when you format your phone in Flashtool as I had experienced. To restore download MTKDroidTools version 2.5.3 After you extract the file. Open the green robot, you must enable the usb debugging in your phone. It is usually located in Settings>Devoloper Mode then look for usb debugging. After enabling it. Connect your phone in your computer then in MTKDroidTool click on ROOT. Wait for it to finish, then Click in IMEI/NVRAM, input 15 number in each box. Then click REPLACE. Then click Reboot or you can manually turn off your phone. Then turn your phone on again. You can see that you have fully restored your IMEI.

I hope this tutorial help you. Please drop a comment if something is not clear to you.


  1. hi good day. i initially experienced a "data mount/ error" with my sisters storm tv during factory/data reset and was stuck at myphone welcome screen. now i found your post an was thankful that i had the tool,drivers,fw. but after a successful flash, phone still cant proceed to full boot. it is still stuck on boot screen. tried to flash it with the "userdata" checked. and combination of format all+download. still same issue.. i no longer get the data mount/ error when reseting via recovery, i'm stuck at "wiping data..." any idea how to fix this?

  2. as for user data, yes i clicked the user data including in the firmware. basically, what i already did was to "format all+download" all including data. but still get the same error. as if the data "board" is ruined. i bought this phone at lazada. last december as a gift for my sister. i started giving errors like "playstore unfortunately closed" then it shut off and was stuck at myphone screen.

  3. i also noticed that after flashing, i can no longer go to factory test.. what happened? are you sure this is the correct firmware for the myphone agua storm "TV"? cause there is another version of this phone without the TV i believe.

  4. yes there is...

  5. maybe your phone is version 2 of storm TV.

  6. You can also try to use this firmware

  7. hi mr. john pallan. thanks for your fast response to my concern. i will be downloading the file on the link, i hope this time it works..i will send feedback as soon as i finish flashing. thank you.

  8. hi it's me again. the latest firmware version you gave me finally worked.. thank you so would be best to update this post and add the new link to help others.and btw i will be sharing your page. i appreciate the help. now all i have to do is restore the IMEI.

  9. Thank you sir squalldna, OK I will update this post. Thanks for the tip ;)

  10. hi, i had difficulties using the procedure for restoring the imei. so what i did was root is using framaroot, then followed this procudure: credit to the poster.

  11. thanks for that tip sir squalldna ;)

  12. this really helps me a lot. thank you very much

  13. Jhei James Dy NingJune 10, 2015 at 1:45 PM

    Hi john, can you give me a link where i can download recovery.img for myphone storm tv.. i just need to flash recovery.. thanks

  14. Bryle Christian RegenciaJuly 22, 2015 at 5:07 PM

    hi!!! my phone (MYPHONE AGUA STORM TV) was bootlooped because of the build.prop....can you help fix it???

  15. this post will help reflashing your firmware.

  16. pls help. my computer don't recognize my Agua Storm TV. I already downloaded AutoInstaller. I've tried ADB too . but no luck . please HELP

  17. pwede ba ito sa dead boot ??? ty sa sasagot po :(

  18. Replies
    1. naranasan ko din ngayon yung brom error : 3142 bootloader exceeds. maam @maribel Nuarin, anu po yung posibleng pyesang sira kapag ganyan?

  19. Thanks for this legit tutorial. I was able to flash my phone...

  20. Thanks for this legit tutorial. I was able to flash my phone...

  21. sir brom error update bootloeader file size exceeds bounday addr error 3146 , anu kaya pwedeng gawin ko dto .. salamat

  22. sir brom error update bootloeader file size exceeds bounday addr error 3146 , anu kaya pwedeng gawin ko dto .. salamat

  23. invalid scatter file.. saan ang laman ng .txt? thnx po

    1. nandyan mismo sa firmware na nadownload mo po..



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