Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hard Reset your DTC GT5S(A) Junior Duo and remove password, pattern lock and gmail account

This tutorial is for DTC GT5S(A) Junior Duo. This is different with DTC GT5S only. The phone has an MTK CPU while the GT5S only has a Spreadtrum CPU and it has different method to remove password, pattern lock and gmail account lock up. I will upload the back up rom that I had created. So check it out later or maybe tomorrow, because I have some pending firmware's to be uploaded.

Hard resetting / factory resetting your phone will solve the following issues:

1. If you forgot your pattern lock
2. If you forgot your gmail account
3. If you forgot your password
4. Apps that automatically force closing
5. Stuck in DTC Logo (sometimes does not work if the firmware is totally damage)

NOTE: Performing hard reset will erase your data.

To hard reset:

1. Turn off your phone.
2. Press and Hold first the POWER Button and then immediately Press and HOLD VOLUME UP until you see the Android Robot.
3. Press the POWER Button to activate Android System Recovery (or you can try all buttons if power button did not work, I had a slight memory lose there :D.)
4. Select wipe / factory reset, press Volume rocker to navigate and press the VOLUME UP to confirm your selection
5. Reboot your phone.

If  performing hard reset did not succeed, you need to wipe the cache first in the android system recovery before performing wipe / factory reset.

I hope this tutorial helps you.. If you have any question just drop a comment.


  1. sir try mo iscroll pa pababa, minsan nakahide yan..

  2. how to reprogram DTC junior duo ?

  3. hi po... pa check nalang po ng blogpost ko dito

  4. ahh ok baka po spreadtrum ang phone mo.

  5. Johnedel Rañola MagbanuaMarch 4, 2015 at 9:29 AM

    pano po pag speadtrum ung phone pano po i

  6. pareho tayu .test lang meron walang reset

  7. spreadtrum phone po yan dito meron

  8. sir penge rin link rin po kc ung DTC GT5s ko too many pattern din

  9. Johnlloyd ErminoJune 18, 2015 at 3:53 PM

    nagana po ba pag sabay yung hold power at hold volume up

  10. Sir please make a tutorial about resetting dtc gt21 neptune

  11. hindi po nagana laging dtc yung nalabas imbis na andoid

    1. naka hang lang po ba sa DTC Logo?

    2. ako rin po nakahang lang sa dtc logo...ano po ba ang pwede kung gawin dito? please help me po..salamat..

  12. Paano gamitin ang power rocker pag sa hard reset?



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